Forming a Gaming Studio

Greetings community! So sorry in advance that this is kinda a long post. 

As the title says, we are forming a gaming studio for blockchain development and a few other things, this started from the idea of making a world of warcraft copy into Internet Computer (Dfinity blockchain) but evolved as fast as we were not able to count, now our studio has 3 projects, 2 business operations units (1 fully develop with a roadmap, the other still on the works)  and a total of 8 people working into it (4 C#/Unity developers, 2 React developers, 1 Artist, and 1 community manager) all of this work happened on a really fast span of time, we are talking about 2 months into being form from the wow copy to the full studio we are now.

Here is our roadmap for the studio:

5 Year plan: 

Establish IDS:

Pretty explanatory by itself. Develop the Idea behind the studio and everything that is going to be a communication form, the support channels, and everything in between 

Our first 3 KPIs are:

Internal Grow of our community with Friends and Family 20 by September 5 (Accomplish) 

KernNets SDK at 85% by September 30 (Accomplish) 

First Stage of our fundraising plan by December 31: 250000 USD (0 accomplish) 

Develop RoM Universe:

RoM Universe will be a full metaverse experience with 5 games and 1 player hub (Pretty much an NFT gallery where you can build what you wanna show) 

The 5 Games are: 

The heroes Supremacy (MOBA)

The Search for Vetirent (Turn-base)

The Battle for Zhion (FPS/BR)

The Release of Madness (MMORPG) 

Vetirent’s Magic Cards (Trading Card game) 

The Key feature of the metaverse is that every game shares all of the NFTs and you will be able to show the NFTS in the Player Hub, this will allow any kind of player to collect all of the NFTs the way they want to get them or buy them and just show it on the Player Hub (also we want to add support for externals NFTs so collectors would just bring their NFTs into our Player Hub and show off) 

The most important part about the NFTs is that they do not impact the gaming experience at all, they are just Vanity items, tho you will be able to get Vanity items without buying them due to our path of evolution that is account-wide. 

If I keep talking about RoM we can have a 5 hrs read of how the lore and the games are already into plans.

Our Business model for this project is based on 2 key concepts: Free to Earn, and Microtransactions, we will have a seasonal pass that will include 4 levels and loot boxes 

The players are going to be able to buy and sell their NFTs with an Action House model, the idea is to bring most of the skins during the seasons and after the season ends, take the skin from our store. This way players with those skins get more value out of them.

Develop KernNetz SDK

KernNetz SDK is a multiplayer server that will have a connection to the blockchain, it will be an open-source project, but for the core of the multiplayer and the connection to the chain, after that, we have a plan of developing modules (Chat, Clans, Partys, ETC) you will be able to develop by yourself this modules or buy our modules premade. After that we are going to add support levels to help with what you need, the documentation it’s going to come with the base and if you are brave enough and have the time you can build anything from that.  

Develop Project Code Alpha

This Project is still in baby steps, so far we plan to be starting in 2.5 years from now on, we have a theme for the lore we plan (if we have to divide the lore of this game into books, we already have around 7 books of the worth of history) The idea behind this is making an AAA Title that will run fully on browser, this game will be a mix of Action RPG with a good combat system for funs.

And here is what we have accomplished in the last 2 months: 


Establish IDS:

Finished the Studio Image (We even have a branding manual) 

Finished the pitch deck light version (We call it The Dark Pitch) 

Finished our version 1.0 website

Finished our Roadmap as a studio

Finished Roadmap for KernNetz SDK and ROM Universe

Apply for Grants (Got 2 interviews done) 

Opened our social media accounts

Got involved with 2 other projects to do collabs and contributions later on (We are doing 1 collection with 1 other project around January 2023)


RoM Universe: 

Finished the image of the game

Finished a lot of the lore of the game

Planned 3 expansions 

Finished our first standalone game

Planned 120 Heroes

Finished 30 heroes for the first beta season

Planned the path of evolution for the account

Planned the nfts of this universe

Planned the first 2 collections 


KernNetz SDK

Make the SDK core (85%)

Make the documentation (70%)


What we have planned for our near future (September-October): 

Make a company (we need a legal entity) 

Make Patreon and Kickstarter (Dependency on Making a Company) 

We are going into a testing mode with Internet computer (Already have a working connection to our dummy server) 

Start our community and marketing campaign 

Finish our 2 starting collections the DEV collection and the Genesis collection with have benefits and quantity already decided and put on paper. 

Developing Alpha mode of our Moba, with testing connection to the blockchain

Developing Turnbase Alpha mode with connection

Develop KernNets SDK alpha mode (Internal release) 

Work into our RoM and KernNetz SDK branding

Develop RoM and KernNetz SDK websites.


So far this is all we have to accomplish and finished in these 2 months, also we plan to head to finished by the next 2 months. 


What do you guys think about this? 


how can we improve from what we have done so far? 


Our KPIs are something that we need to rethink due to 2 being complete already, any suggestions? 


Is there any other way besides Kickstarter (alternatives already explored)  and Patreon to actually start fundraising?  (we are going to have the Genesis collection by November, we just need to create enough hype for that) 

You can explore more about us at

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