The darkness is always there, we were taught to be afraid of it, not to follow its path, but we decided to explore it to the depths, thanks to this we can build the worlds that are to come.

Who are we?

the dark side of imagination

Our path is the dark one, exploring the deepest and darkest side of our creativity, aiming to help build the next generation of the web (Web3) and set the new standards for video games. Our Focus is on imagining, designing, developing, and creating chimerical worlds that will help bring the web3 to a bigger public. We believe we have the potential, the skills, and the ability to grow together with the community. That’s the reason we came up with the 5 Year plan covering the founding pillars of our future, and the products that are being developed right now. The final goal of this roadmap is to be able to make a AAA title on the Web3.

How it started

The Idea
Founded by Sury and Stoll, the 2 formed a friendship together after working together from another project. From our long talks about things and life, the idea was getting formed. Originally being only 1 game, an RPG, that turned quickly into a Turn-base/tower-defense lower version of the game, then into a MOBA, and it welcomes clear we needed a plan to accomplish everything, This is the part when we decided to go full into a metaverse that will hold our games and share the NFTs. At that point, it was clear that we had the 1 million dollar idea, the one we believe will be the winner! now the real questions came into place.

As part of our initial growth, some other people got interested in our project, those conform to the core of our Studio helping shape the day-to-day and giving finishing birth to how we shape it.

Thank you
Fran and TheHills

Mission and Vision



Imagine, Design, Develop, and Create to share with the community games capable of being considered GameFi


Create chemerical worlds capable of becoming Metaverses, full of player communities that support each var other for the common good

Core VAlues

Our pillars


everyone has their place in our studio

Our main value is that everyone is equal here, everyone is included and everyone can be a part of what we do and what we love


EVeryone deserves respect

High level of respect and integrity in all interactions with our players, partners and supporters. The behavior of every one of us, whether online or in person, is a reflection of the studio


Dedicated to our passion

Not only to our passion but to the community, one of our key values is that we want to give back to the community everything they give to us

Social Impact

True GameFi

Our main objective as a studio is to design and develop chimerical worlds that will help people to live out their passion, make new careers, develop business in our games, and make the most out of it.